Paramedic Fatigue Still an Issue

Written by Riley Laychuk
CJ Radio News

It’s been over two years since an ambulance with an overworked and fatigued crew rolled near Neepawa and the union that represents Manitoba paramedics says despite continued calls for action, not much has changed. The accident happened on Highway 16 at the end of August 2012 and involved a crew from Swan River returning from an overnight trip to Winnipeg. The MGEU says paramedics are still working long hours and too many regular and on-call shifts back-to-back. Spokesperson Wayne Chacun tells CJ Radio that despite continued talks with the province, things have stayed the same.

Chacun adds that paramedics are being urged to use leverage though Workplace Health and Safety to make themselves unavailable if they feel they are too tired to work.

Story was last updated at: 2014-09-04 07:56:48


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