Possible Election in Swan Valley West

Written by Staff Writer
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There is a race afoot for the Reeve position on Swan Valley West Council. Nominations closed yesterday afternoon. Two candidates filed papers before the deadline. Former Reeve Bill Galloway will run against former council member Stan Potten. Galloway was Reeve several years ago while Potten was a member of the current council until he resigned over what he claimed were health issues.

Should Potten win the Reeve seat he may not be able to hold onto it for long. It has been alleged that Potten missed more than three meetings without proper permission from council. His previous resignation erases the ability to be removed from council over that possible violation. It does not erase possible sanctions for acting in a conflict of interest when Potten failed to initially disclose his close friendship with at least one applicant for a job with the municipality. Potten did later disclose the friendship, but he had already voted on matters relating to the employee before his disclosure. A judge could rule Potten unable to sit on council for the violation.

Both candidates have until 4:30pm today to withdraw their nomination papers. Should one withdraw the other would be elected by acclamation. If neither withdraws, an election will be held to chose to new Reeve.

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