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Submit a Community Event

We love community events - let us share your event with all of our listeners! Please read through the options for announcing your community event and pick the one that best suits your needs - then tell us all about the event and pretty soon, everyone will know.

Eligible Events

We offer community event promotion to events that are to benefit a non-profit group. If the event benefits a business, we consider a commercial and expect you to pay regular advertising rate. Bake sales, cancer fundraiser's and community plays all qualify. Selling cars or hosting a concert with $50 tickets probably don't - commercial events need to see our advertising information page.

Advertising Type

Free Listing - All community events are listed free on our community events billboard. Heard several times a day, these listings give the basic information about the event. The number of times your event is mention varies depending on how many total events are listed and the available time.

Paid Commercials - When you want a guaranteed number of event commercials, paid advertising is the way to go. We offer highly discounted ads to community events. Your event can qualify to receive 10 commercials for $50 ($200 value) or 21 commercials for $75 ($420 value).

Sponsorship Exchange - Why pay money when you can trade us a sponsorship of your event? There is nothing we like more than having our logo displayed on your poster and at your event. Have a booklet? Put us in there too... We've had our logo on raffle tickets, on hockey boards and on jerseys. You can find suitable logos at our promotion page. Show us that you are providing a minimum value of $420 of logo placement and your 21 commercials are on us! See the full details of how to get a sponsorship exchange.

Mega Event - If you are having a huge community event, we want to be involved. Get in touch with us and lets arrange something spectacular.


Now that you know some details about how we promote community events, share your details:

Advertising Type Requested:

Date of Your Event:

Contact Name:

Contact Phone Number:

Contact Email:

Event Details (Please be descriptive and include lots of details)

Remember - you can get free ads for displaying our logo and promoting the station. Click here to find out how!