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Swan Valley West Raises Taxes 11% and Buys Another Fire Truck

The new Thunder West fire department will have another truck. On Tuesday night council approved the purchase of another fire truck to compliment the one purchased earlier this year. The first truck is said to have cost $300,000 and the second truck $330,000 according to budget figures.

Friday night the council will hold a public hearing on its budget. The proposed financial plan calls for an increase of $346,000. That increase is in spite of cancelling recycling in Benito, ending funding for economic development and closing a landfill. The budget confirms over $1,000,000 will be spent this year on the new fire department.

The public might be welcome to attend the public hearing at 7PM Friday. A public notice for the meeting says you must attend by phone but a discussion was held at council to allow 20 people inside the council chamber and have the remainder attend by phone.



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