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WSFN to Support Arena Expansion | CJ104 Radio
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Monday, July 15, 2024
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WSFN to Support Arena Expansion

Wuskwi Sipihk First Nation Chief Elwood Zastre says he intends to support the new arena project in Swan River. Speaking at the ground breaking ceremony of the SVRSS expansion Zastre said that his band has invested half a million dollars in the SVRSS project. He went on to speak about other investments they are making in the valley.

But, Zastre also said that WSFN intends to support the new arena project. In late July 2023 the arena received over $3.1 million of Provincial funding to go along with $3.1 million in local tax dollars from the Town of Swan River. Estimates put the new arena at a cost of at least $12 million.

Zastre didn’t hint how much money the Wuskwi Sipihk First Nation may contribute to the project.

His full comments are in the video.

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