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SVRSS Expansion

Education Minister Wayne Ewasko announced the start of construction on a $15 million upgrade to the SVRSS today. While construction has already begun a symbolic sod turning ceremony was held. The new space will replace the previous multi-purpose room with a multi-use theatre and education center.

Those in attendance heard speech’s then took a virtual tour of the new addition. The project will not be finished for the start of the school year but construction will continue until complete.

The press release from the Province of Manitoba is below:

Construction is underway on a $15-million multi-purpose room and performing arts addition at Swan Valley Regional Secondary School, Education and Early Childhood Learning Minister Wayne Ewasko and Consumer Protection and Government Services Minister James Teitsma announced today.

“The academic, social and emotional effects of performing arts education are overwhelmingly positive and allow students to better understand, and engage with others,” said Ewasko. “This new space at Swan Valley Regional Secondary School will give students the opportunity to express themselves in new ways and help build their future success.”

The addition will accommodate band, theatre, drama, music and cultural performing arts programming. This will help children, regardless of socio-economic circumstances, to broaden their exploration of career-related and employment-ready experiences.

Ewasko noted the project responds to a recommendation in the final report from the Manitoba Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education which supports the need for schools to ensure they support the arts including music, visual arts, dance, drama and other value-added community activities.

“In 2020, the first phase of this project for various interior renovations and technology improvements in the existing performing arts and ancillary support spaces was completed, and this second phase of construction builds on that work,” said Teitsma. “The final product will be a new, modernized performing arts space that will benefit students and the community for years to come.”

The ministers noted the new space will integrate elements that support Indigenous cultural performances.

“Over the last couple of years so much had to happen to arrive at this day when the shovel meets the ground. A co-operative spirit and open communication between the Manitoba government, the school division, First Nations, Swan Valley Regional Secondary School, and community members, were held to clarify a vision and create a design,” said Kathy Highmoor, board chair, Swan Valley School Division. “This, in time, will become a project of possibilities. The hope of the board is that this project will be used by all cultures as we journey toward reconciliation. As well, the project holds endless creative arts and drama possibilities that will enliven curriculum and expand options for students.”



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