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Stop Work for Swan Valley West Amid Destruction | CJ104 Radio
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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Stop Work for Swan Valley West Amid Destruction

The Municipality of Swan Valley West has been given a stop work order for a project that has destroyed a large amount of ecology. Earlier today Manitoba Conservation responded to a complaint about work being done adjacent to a roadway. No permit was in place and the work was stopped save a small portion to re-open a blocked ditch.

Initially the work on the Sara Lake road was to replace a culvert that was plugged and damaged. However for unknown reasons the municipality then began work on the hill side near the road. Witnesses tell CJ104 that the work has been ongoing for days using multiple pieces of heavy equipment. The work occurred on crown land and would have required permission and a permit.

CAO James Webb was present at the site today supervising the work. He refused to speak to the media.

CJ104 has been told that the work was not approved by resolution of council and appears to be Webb’s idea.

CJ104 has also learned that there will likely be a fine and will almost certainly be an order to restore the area to its natural condition, install erosion control and replant the hillside. The cost of the restoration work along with any fine will be the responsibility of tax payers because Webb is an employee of the municipality and even if council didn’t agree to the work they are still responsible for Webb’s actions.

CJ104 asked Reeve William Galloway for comment on this story but no comment was received by deadline. Galloway continues to sue CJ104 for defamation claiming that our published material makes him look bad.



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