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CT Scanner for Swan River

Manitoba has announced a CT Scanner will be installed in Swan River. The provincial press release is below:

Residents of Swan River and surrounding communities in the Swan Valley region will soon benefit from a new CT scanner with financial support from the community and a provincial investment of more than $2 million, Premier Heather Stefanson and Health Minister Audrey Gordon announced here today.

“Improving access to diagnostic services is a top priority for our government and this new CT scanner will ensure residents of Swan River and the surrounding communities get the care they need closer to home,” said Stefanson. “I would like to recognize the Town of Swan River and the surrounding Swan Valley communities for their incredible efforts and financial contribution to help make this project a reality.”

The premier noted the provincial investment supports more than $1 million raised by the Town of Swan River and surrounding communities toward the project, which includes the CT scanner equipment, installation and renovation of the space.

“Our community is absolutely elated at this news,” said Mayor Lance Jacobson, Town of Swan River. “We thank the Manitoba government for recognizing the importance in investing in health care in the Swan River Valley. This is a project we have worked at long and hard to see come to fruition. The dividends of this tool will reach far further than financial benefits alone and will save lives in the Swan River Valley. Secondary to that, this will benefit our medical professional recruitment and retention efforts. This really is the culmination of years of data gathering, case building and lobbying efforts by dedicated individuals. What a great investment by the Manitoba government this announcement is.”

The new technology will enhance diagnosis and treatment planning, and improve the patient experience overall, the premier said, adding it will also help to reduce ambulance transfer costs and improve the work environment for health professionals at Swan Valley Health Centre by providing an additional diagnostic tool to enable treatment decisions.

“Our government is committed to strengthening health care across Manitoba,” said Gordon. “This investment will ensure Manitobans in the Swan Valley region have access to the right care at the right time and strengthen health care delivery in the region.”

The 52-bed Swan Valley Health Centre serves a population of 14,000 in the Swan Valley region. Currently, patients in the region are transported via ambulance or travel on their own to Dauphin, Brandon or Winnipeg to obtain CT scans. The new scanner will provide greater local access to diagnostic imaging for treatment planning and monitoring purposes, and will indirectly address inequities of significant travel and accommodation costs if a patient has to be served outside of their community.

“We are truly delighted that the plan to bring a CT scanner to the Swan Valley Health Centre is moving forward,” said Brian Schoonbaert, chief executive officer, Prairie Mountain Health. “This will greatly help reduce the burden and stress on patients and families who would otherwise have to travel greater distances or in some cases travel by ambulance, to have a CT scan done. We acknowledge and recognize the dedication and commitment shown at the community level including the very generous contribution from the Town of Swan River and surrounding communities, which helped ensure this important diagnostic service can be offered within this part of the health region.”

The province will provide the remaining $2 million for the $3-million project and provide ongoing operational costs estimated to be $400,000 per year, the premier noted.



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