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No Plows for Southern Swan Valley West | CJ104 Radio
-3.2 C
Swan River
Friday, April 19, 2024
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No Plows for Southern Swan Valley West

Residents in the south end of Swan Valley West are being left on their own to battle snow today. And, it appears they may just have to wait for roads to melt sometime next week before they can travel.

CJ104 has confirmed that a plow operator in the south section of the municipality has been told he doesn’t need to work today or the Easter weekend. Instead, he will begin plowing snow on Tuesday. The second plow that operates out of Durban is reported to be broken. It is suggested that it will not be repaired until next Thursday – one week from today.

Meanwhile residents are busy sharing photos of huge snow drifts in the area.

In the north section of the municipality both plow operators are at work today. Residents there report drifts several feet high and in some cases as high as the V-plow on the grader.

When CJ104 called Swan Valley West to enquire about the plan for plowing snow James Webb answered the phone. Once he found out who was calling, he began pretending he was no longer able to hear us, then hung up the phone.

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