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Fire Department Won’t Enter Buildings | CJ104 Radio
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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Fire Department Won’t Enter Buildings

Important details are emerging about the new Swan Valley West fire department. CJ104 had learned that at a meeting last week area municipalities were told the new department will be defensive only. That means the new fire department will NOT enter buildings that are on fire for any reason. According to several experts that means that fire fighters would not enter a building if someone was trapped inside. Instead, the department would only work outside of a building fire to try to keep the fire from spreading to other structures. There would be no attempt made to put out a house or commercial fire. In a facebook post the new department mentions fighting only grass fires and attending vehicle accidents. The department also says it will use the old Benito fire truck that was deemed unsafe for fire fighters to enter buildings. The post notes the department will be defensive in nature.



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